Hidden Structures

Haunted by pencils

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Hey, you!

My name is Yannic and I am running this little rat-shop with my good and fictive friend Khalil. We pull the strings behind the scenes at Creams! Sometimes other friends use our Facebook page to promote their shows in Leipzig and that's okay.

What We Do


What We Do


Sometimes I call somebody, sometimes nobody answers. Usually I make a deal.


Now and then I complete forms for collecting societies and stuff like that.


I twiddle my thumbs when I'm underemployed. Happens only at Christmas.


Actually I don't have a heavy growth of beard, to be honest. Khalil neither.

We have nothing to do with pencils. We deal with music.

Listen Now!


But first take look at these things.

Okay, listen to my loyal clients finally:

Creams Tiny Horses (coming soon)